Can christmas be merry without gold, red and glitter?
Can christmas be merry without gold, red and glitter?

As usual, Christmas has come and our whole environment began to change. Wherever one looks, a virtual explosion of reasonably priced (with a little help from some hard-working elves from the Far East) wealth is happening. Plastic christmas trees covered with glittering plastic balls and various synthetic imitations of precious metals, pompous baroque initials decorating supermarket newsletters - we can try to run away from this, but the cheap glitz is so omnipresent, that finally we become concious of the hopeless futility of our resistance.

Nonetheless, I believe that, at least when it comes to christmas cards, the case is not utterly lost. The christmas atmosphere is not inseparably connected with gold, red and glitter.


These thoughts made us design a few cards, that you can see below:


kartka świąteczna MS architect


kartka świąteczna Trends Point


kartka świąteczne Moloko Studio


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