Our website is finally online
Our website is finally online

At last the long-looked-forward-to day has come - our website is online. The eleven months that have passed since we have started to work as Moloko Studio is a considerable amount of time - one could accuse us of being lazy. However, we much prefer to be of an opinion that our website has been seasoning in an internet equivalent of oaken barrels, in order to aquire proper strength. Which was a lucky coincidence, as we have been quite busy with several projects (the effects of which can be watched at the "work" subsite). We also would like to encourage You to pay a visit to the hereunder blog from time to time, where in the near future you will find news from our studio and the graphic design branch, as well as our thoughts on various topics.

As on the internet cats are believed to produce the biggest numbers of views, our art director, Michaił (who disagrees with the slanders about his alleged inclination to narcissism) attaches a picture of him.

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